Maximizing Workplace Efficiency: 5 Essential Types of Office Signage

Every workplace should have a friendly environment. Use signage to create a comfortable atmosphere.

For any workplace, office signage is crucial.

A pleasant, motivating environment is created by modern signage.

You can either keep it simple and use window graphics, OR go all-out with faux LED neon signs.

Types Of Office Signage

Acrylic signs

Acrylic signage is easy and effective. Vinyl is the most common method of applying your branding onto acrylic signs. We carry a large selection of vinyl and can recommend the best products for your company. Acrylic signs can also be modernized to create a modern atmosphere in your office.

LED Signs

A fake neon sign can also be used to promote brand awareness. We can create LED neon signs that are customized to your requirements. You have full creative control over your signage. The possibilities are limitless when it comes down to manufacturing faux-neon signs. Choose a motivational quote to increase the team’s morale

Window Graphics

If you have an office that is close to a busy street, privacy is likely. Window graphics are one way to achieve this privacy. Window graphics are great for adding privacy to clients or employees. You can add your company name to the window graphics. This is a cost-effective way to market.

Wall Graphics

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Wall graphics are a great way for branding your office space. There are many design options available for wall graphics. Motivating quotes and images are popular options for wall graphics. They are a simple way to improve morale in an office setting. Wall graphics are also durable, so they’re a great choice for areas with high traffic.

Glass Manifestations

Glass manifestations for glass partitioning are a safety requirement. Frosted vinyl can be used to help office workers navigate in safety. You can either choose simple dots or more complex designs when it comes to glass manifestations.