A Comprehensive Guide to Neon Lights: Types, Advantages, and FAQs

When the idea of redesigning or updating the decor of a room, house,, or workplace strikes our minds, a neon sign light is the one that comes to mind. They’re convenient, trendy, and customizable. What could be more fun than having your Neon Sign Lights personalized according to your wishes, your name, or your favorite line from your favorite TV program?

Neon Light was initially named after neon, but many other gasses can now be used to produce different colors and glows. A neon light is made from glass tubes filled with different gases. These tubes are then molded into letters and other decorative designs.

Neonza Studio offers a range of basic designs as well as many other options. You can also bring your ideas or have your Neon sign light customized to your liking. These neon sign lights are very energy-efficient and can brighten up the environment and bring out the positive vibes in your surrounding. These colors will brighten your day and bring joy to your life.

What are Neon Sign Lights Made of?

Neon sign lights are glass tubes filled with gasses that allow you to create different letters or designs. Neon sign lights can use Neon, Krypton, or Xenon gasses. These gasses emit light and depending on how much gas is inside the tube, the color of the lights will vary. The gas we choose will depend on the color that our Neon Sign Light should glow in. These LED Neon Signs can function at different voltages making them very versatile and popular with most people.

Benefits of Neon Lights

Neon sign lights offer many benefits over traditional light bulbs. They are a welcome addition to the market and the hearts of the people. Below are some benefits of neon lights.

Normal light bulbs can last between 6 and 1 year. Neon lights, on the other hand, have a life expectancy of 5-10 years. They can even be functional for as long as 20 years if maintained properly.

  • Power/ energy-efficient

Because Neon lights use electricity to interact with gas, they are less efficient than traditional lightbulbs. Neon lights can save 50% on average compared with traditional light bulbs.

  • Flexible

Neon lights offer more design flexibility than other lighting options.

  • High-visibility

Neon lights can be seen from far away and are much more noticeable than traditional lightbulbs. The 180-degree illumination of neon lights makes them easily visible from far away.

  • Multiple operating ranges

While traditional light bulbs are designed to work with standard electricity sources, neon lights can be used on a variety of voltages. This makes them more flexible.

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Q1. Q1. Are the Neon lights customized waterproof?

Ans. Yes. Our Neon sign lights are waterproof and high quality.


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Q3. How much are neon sign lights?

Ans. Ans. The basic range for neon sign lights is generally 1000/-but can vary depending on the customization.

Q4. Are neon signs’ light fixtures customizable?

Ans. Yes. You can have your name or any favorite TV show quote or dialogue customized for your preferred room.