Assistance in Choosing the Perfect Font for Your Neon Sign

5 things to keep in mind when choosing the neon sign font

  • Branding
  • Legibility
  • Numerous fonts
  • Similar fonts
  • Cohesive fonts

Popular Neon Sign Fonts

  • Font for the 80s
  • Futuristic Font
  • Handwritten font

Fonts that are popular for business logo signs

  • Bold
  • Elegant
  • Informal

As the well-known brand typography designer Oliver Reichenstein stated, Typography, or font, plays a critical role in the success and failure of any new design. “Optimizing typography involves optimizing readability. accessibility. usability. “, overall graphic balance

This is why choosing the right font for text usage in design is so important. Depending on your preference and project, the process of finding the right font might take a few hours or days.

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These are 5 Things You Need to Keep in Mind When Selecting Fonts for Your Neon sign

1. Branding

Font choice should reflect your brand’s personality and essence. You should match your font style with the personality of the brand.

2. Legibility

Typefaces should be easy to read and understand, not obscure or difficult. If it is difficult to comprehend what you have written, people will disregard your design.

It is not a good idea to use fancy fonts or high-case text in large quantities of text. They can strain the eyes and cause eye strain. For phrases and taglines, you can only use fancy fonts. Avoid using fancy fonts for text signs that are complete sentences made of neon. A typeface that is readable in all sizes and weights is essential to ensure legibility.

3. Limit the fonts allowed

Limit the number and typefaces that you have in your design. If you feel the need to create a new font, play around with font sizes.

4. Fonts shouldn’t look too similar

A design should have different fonts to increase visual variety. Two visually identical fonts are not a good idea. The likelihood of typeface collisions increases with font similarity.

5. Choose two fonts with a strong contrast

Use contrasting fonts when you use multiple fonts. The two types that have the most similarities should be matched by one another.

Check out our most popular fonts for neon signs

80’s Neon Sign Font

This thick, double-line font looks great on labels, posters, and logos.

Futuristic type

You can create something modern and fun with this rounded font. You can help them rise to success by adding vintage-designed neon signs or stylish logos. Because of its broken-up pipe-like design, it makes the neon light appear very crisp and aesthetically precise.

Handwritten font (best font for neon signs)

This font is very popular for designing neon signs, whether for gifting or home decor. Design your custom neon sign. Find out more about neon colors.

Useful neon fonts for your business logos and signs

The business logo sign must be more prominent than the custom neon signs at home or events. The font used for business logo neon signs must be consistent with the brand’s personality. These fonts may be suitable for those who are looking to design their logo. We can turn your logo into a business neon sign if it is more than text.


The logo’s bold font has larger, more blocky text. These fonts look bolder, more rugged, and quirky than traditional fonts. This type of font is ideal for companies with a proven track record of producing high-quality products. However, it can still be used by current and relevant companies.


Beautiful fonts, designed to mimic cursive handwriting, feature character strokes that connect letters. Every script font feels unique just like everyone’s handwriting. They follow design trends and are therefore risky for brands.


Handwritten fonts are pretty self-explanatory…they’re fonts that look like they’ve been written out by hand. Some fonts may have unusual letterforms. They are as different from traditional fonts. You can use them to show your brand as playful, informal, approachable, or artistic.

Get your favorite fonts, and make your life simpler!

This guide was helpful. This guide has given you a good idea of how to choose a font for your personalized neon sign. Simply go to our tool to create a neon sign and type the text. You can then choose your favorite color and font to see how it will look in reality. If you don’t see the font you’re looking for, or it doesn’t match the business logo, our team can create a mockup. You just need to select the mockup, and we will give you a price quote. It’s easy! It’s so convenient!