How to Keep Your Neon Signs Glowing for Years: A Guide to Cleaning and Repairing Them

Custom neon signs come in many forms and colors. They can be made in any color you like at an affordable cost. Neon signs are gaining popularity quickly. This is why it is important to learn how to properly care for them.

Neon signs require far less energy than other sources of light and are therefore easier to maintain. But, just because it is easy to maintain does not mean you should abandon taking proper care of it. We can help you maintain your neon sign for a long time.

Learn more about maintenance tips for custom neon signs.

Six neon sign care and maintenance tips

  • Select the Right Sign

You should know that neon signs can last a lifetime. You shouldn’t pick any sign. Here are some factors that will be crucial in your decision-making process:

  1. Are others able to see the sign?
  2. Is the sign to be located in an area where there is a lot of traffic?

If you have answered yes to all the questions, then clear acrylics will be a better choice. While neon signs can be touched easily and are less likely to cause harm, they contain glass. It is best to cover your sign with a clear protective cover, especially if it has been placed in an area where many people will be passing through throughout the day.

  • Install It in a Safe Place

Do not rush to get the sign installed once you’ve received it. Before you buy the sign, you should have a plan. Additionally, custom neon signs are made of glass and can be broken. Neon signs are convenient and inexpensive, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

You must also place it in a safe area that is not accessible to pets and children. They could inflict serious injuries if they accidentally hit a neon sign. You should make sure that you have one custom sign for your bar. This will prevent customers from bumping into it or knocking it over. Protective covers are also recommended.

  • Don’t Unplug Signs Unless It’s Necessary

The plug is safe as long you don’t clean the sign. Because it can cause damage to your neon sign if you keep turning it on and down, there is a lot of wear and tear. Because neon is far more energy-efficient than traditional light sources, you need not worry about electricity consumption. The cost of keeping the sign lit throughout the day is only 20 cents. These signs are also cool and lukewarm, so they do not pose a fire risk.

  • Handle the Caution

To be able to use the gas-filled glass tubes, you must take care. If you receive a replacement sign, be sure to carefully open the package to avoid any damage.

It is important to inspect the glass tubes regularly for cracks or damage. Once you have verified its quality, you can install it in an area that is safe. It is possible to remove the sign from its socket and move it elsewhere. However, be careful.

Glass tubes can be fragile. Even the slightest contact with a hard surface could cause it to break beyond repair.

  • Get rid of bugs

Bugs love signs that are outside such as signage in bars and shops. Bright-colored items can attract them and make it difficult for your customers to see the sign. You should also get rid of them as they can block the beautiful sign.

To repel these pests, you can bring home a mosquito trap or a bug zapper. Install them at the source of the pests. In the case of mosquitoes, they are most likely to originate from areas that have sewage or drainage. You will be able to locate the trap if your neon sign has become an attractive spot for mosquitoes and there is a nearby drain.

  • Care

LED neon signs are renowned for their ease of use and maintenance. But they do need to be cleaned occasionally. If you don’t want to clean them, you will need to buy a new one.

Based on how often they are used, neon signs can become dusty. A neon sign placed in a home as a decorative item can get dustier than a sign at a bar. Before you begin cleaning, please unplug the sign.

A duster can be used to remove any dirt and dust that has built up over time. You can use a small brush to get into the tight spaces. Do not ignore these areas, as they may have more dirt and grime than the rest.

You should clean your sign if it is getting dirtier than you anticipated. You will need to unplug your sign and use a mixture of soap and water to clean it effectively. Be sure to avoid using ammonia in your cleaning products as it could damage glass tubes. After cleaning it, wipe it with a dry cloth. Dry any excess water using a lint-free towel.

Plug it in again once the cleaning process is complete.

To Sum Up

There aren’t many maintenance tricks and tips to remember custom-made neon signs. This is because they are more reliable and easier to use than traditional light sources. These signs are also cost-efficient and energy-efficient.

Do not let the obvious benefits of these signs deter you from taking precautions. These maintenance tips are straightforward and require little time.

A professional can help you if your sign is not working properly.